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This holds two places in my brain and heart. I lost my father October 24 2020 during my battle with cancer. He did get the chance to see me through 90% of the chemo when my SO and I drove down to spend that fateful weekend he passed. My mother is doing better after a year and spent this Thanksgiving in Yakima with us. She is doing okay, but misses the man she was married to for 57+ years and I miss the man who gave me so many little 'stories' turned out to be life-lessons AND shows me how much he cared for my mother, me and my younger sister (who passed 4 years ago at 48 to complications from alcohol and drug abuse)...

It felt like half of our family was missing this year and it was. Mom and I are the two left and now my goal after kicking cancer square in the teeth, Survive longer than my mother. It sounds easy and a trivial thing to do BUT once you have cancer, you get tested every 3 months for the next 5 years to make sure its gone. I just don't want to leave my mom with only herself of our wonderful family, so that is my goal. :)

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Oh, Dan, thank you for sharing your poignant and special memories. I’m so very sorry for your loss, especially of such a good dad at such a tough time for a teenage son. He’d be so proud of you…at how your life has turned out, and what an amazing and talented man you’ve become. Surely he influenced your interest in sports.

Coincidentally, my firstborn son died on this day, Nov. 27th, which was Thanksgiving seven years ago. The memories of Darryl are held tenaciously…also those of his brother, Brian, who died at age 38. The loss of both sons left 6 children without Dads. I pray they’ll turn out like you have.

Sending love, hugs and gratitude for your unexpected presence in my life.

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