Ken Caminiti's time in Houston included lots of highlights, as well as the weight of unmet expectations.
Is there anything better than watching Ken Griffey Jr. hitting?

February 2023

The Astrodome has seen better days. But even in its shabby state, there’s something special about the building.
I had the honor of visiting Texas this week to talk about my book on Ken Caminiti.
"He showed good hands," Braves catcher Javy Lopez said of the former president.

January 2023

One simple fix could make the voting process relevant, efficient and fun — and ensure that worthy players are enshrined years earlier.
Scott Rolen is entering Cooperstown. But the Hall of Fame's voting process remains a mess.
The longtime journalist had the courage to take on Lance Armstrong and vote for Ken Caminiti.
I had an awesome time talking with Joe Rizzo about my book on Ken Caminiti.
Check out a few of my recent media appearances!

December 2022

"For so many reasons, Ken Caminiti’s life shouldn’t be forgotten."
I'm happy for Fred McGriff. I just wish some other players, like Barry Bonds, had been elected along with him.